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5 Best WordPress plugins

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best options for your WordPress plugins. There are a lot of plugins out there for WordPress, some estimates range the number around 50 000 – 60 000 but not all of them are used widely. They can be used for various reasons such as security, page optimization and overall increasing your business presence online. Today we will rank the 5 best WordPress plugins in our opinion.


1. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO  has managed to help millions of businesses across the world optimize their online presence. The free Yoast SEO version gives you access to a lot of information to better your SEO. Their Premium version is doing most of the SEO tasks autonomously allowing you to focus on more important things. Yoast SEO definitely ranks among the 5 best WordPress plugins because in most cases it decreases your workload around your website while at the same time you will stay highly competitive with your competition if not beat them with a better online presence.


2. Monster Insights


Another great tool on our list is Monster Insights which allows you to set Google Analytics with your WordPress fast. Furthermore, it gives you insight into how your site is doing and in what ways can you improve your online presence. It will allow you to discover the ways and methods your users use to come to your website and how to keep an audience on your site for the long run. We all know and are aware of the importance of analytics in succeeding online, Monster Insights will definitely enable you to understand all the necessary information to implement given data into better online performance.


3. WP Rocket


WP Rocket can be used by beginners with WordPress as well as by experienced WordPress professionals. It requires no technical knowledge and immediately offers great results for your website performance such as improved website speed. If by any chance you have coding experience or knowledge this tool offers advanced options for optimization. Undoubtedly WP Rocket ranks among the 5 best WordPress plugins from our point of view.


4.WPML plugin


WPML stands for Multilingual WordPress Site and it is a type of tool that makes WordPress run in different languages. It enables you to write content in various languages and then translate it into English or any other language. If you wish your site to look professional in any language rather than English WPML is probably a must-have. Hundreds of thousands of websites are using this tool which is why we decided to rank it among the 5 Best WordPress plugins. This plug-in doesn’t have a free version but we believe it’s worth the price for the service it provides.


5. Wordfence Security


If your site is vulnerable to attacks it might be a big problem for you as it will often decrease your site value in the eyes of the Search engine as well as the customer and seriously damage your business. If you wish to protect your WordPress account then this tool is one of the best there is. With more than 4 million installations it is easy to see why it is ranked on this list. Wordfence Security requires you to have a strong password and enables you to do scans to look for malware or any signs of infection. We recommend learning the basics of website protection and doing regular site scans for any potential virus or malware.


Wordpress plugins


Best 5 WordPress plugins  – Conclusion


Here we have given you our opinion on the 5 best WordPress plugins. these days it is close to impossible to have a good website without some tools. No matter what website you are using our list of plug-ins will almost definitely increase your ranking, speed, or security leading to higher user engagement. If you found this article helpful and need more information feel free to contact us.